Learning Environment Modeling®


Creating great learning experiences begins with designing the learning environment.

At the heart of every LX Studio solution is a focus on designing learning environments that create world-class learning experiences.

We created the Learning Environment Modeling® system as a way to help people transform they way they design learning experiences.

A learning environment is the collection of spaces and places where people learn.

About Learning Environment Modeling®

Developed at the University of Central Oklahoma, Learning Environment Modeling® is a visual system for designing learning experiences. It includes visual canvas tools for organizing your ideas and a design language for making ideas a reality.

Learning Environment Modeling® helps teams improve ideation, clarify communication, and design better learning experiences faster. The learning environment modeling system – combined with expert facilitation – is the perfect combination for creating world-class learning experiences.

Learning Environment Modeling®, or LEM®, is a visual learning design system made to help simplify and communication during the process of designing learning experiences. LEM® helps to take the ideas that we have about how our learning experience designs and communicate them in effective ways.

Learning Environment Modeling® is comprised of two basic components: a design canvas suite and a design language.

The design canvas suite includes multiple canvas tools that allow us to take our ideas for designing learning experiences and organize them in ways that clarify those ideas. 

The suite of canvas tools invites ideation, adds clarity, brings focus, and engages teams around a shared vision for success. Each tool is designed to meet specific needs and challenges encountered when designing learning experiences.

These are essentially templates that take your ideas about learning experiences and help you to organize them. They are intentionally designed around key design questions or needs that come up when designing learning experiences.

Example Design Canvas Templates
Learner Snapshot Canvas
Focus Board
Learning Environment Modeling® Language

The LEM® design language allows us to take those ideas and represent them in terms of the flow and sequence and ultimately the design of the learning environment. Together, these Learning Environment Modeling® components allow us to take learning ideas and move them into plans for action and great learning experiences. 

Five symbols represent the fundamental building blocks of any learning environment. These building blocks are information, dialogue, feedback, practice, and evidence. 

Explore the Learning Environment Modeling® Language
Example Learning Environment Modeling® Blueprint
Sample Learning Environment Modeling Blueprint
Use Learning Environment Modeling® for your next project.

The Learning Experience Design program equips instructional designers, educators, program managers, and training and development professionals with a specialized set of tools to add to their professional toolkit.

Learning Environment Modeling Example
How could Learning Environment Modeling® transform the way you design learning experiences?

Discover how you can use Learning Environment Modeling® to supercharge your next project or initiative. If you’re ready to re-imagine learning experiences for your organization, schedule a complimentary consultation today.


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