Learning Experience Design Program


The LXD is an online professional development opportunity created to help you design world-class learning experiences.

The Learning Experience Design program equips instructional designers, educators, program managers, and training and development professionals with a specialized set of tools to add to their professional toolkit.

This highly interactive program is facilitated by LX Studio design experts and includes a blend of convenient online modules and live virtual sessions in a professional community of practice learning approach.

Through completing the LXD program, you will learn to:

  • Create effective learning design “blueprints” using Learning Environment Modeling™
  • Clearly communicate your learning design strategy with collaborators and subject matter experts
  • Facilitate collaborative learning design processes
  • Support continuous innovation and improvement of learning experiences
People working with design blueprints.

    “I particularly appreciated the facilitator’s skills and enthusiasm. I learned a lot that I intend to share with my colleagues and apply to my next job in academic Instructional Design.”  

    Julie Younghee, ECMC Education/Altierus College

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Spring 2023

Week 1 Live Session: January 26

Week 2 Live Session: February 2

Week 3 Live Session: February 9

Week 4 Live Session: February 16

* All sessions will be held from 1:00pm to 2:00pm central and will be recorded in case of conflict.

  • “LXD has helped me be more analytical of my assignments, projects & courses. I think I will be a better instructor,

    especially online, after taking the course.”

    Susan Woods, Assistant Professor at University of Central Oklahoma.

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How does the Learning eXperience Design program work?

People working with design blueprints.
Program Overview

The Learning Experience Design program is designed to give educators and learning professionals a new set of tools and skills that transform how they design and plan learning experiences. Participants will learn to use Learning Environment Modeling® to save time, enhance quality communication, and design effective learning experiences.

Learning Environment Modeling® is a revolutionary visual technique for reimagining and innovating learning experiences. It provides educators and learning professionals with a powerful tool to advance and energize learning within any environment: online, traditional, blended, academic or corporate, at program or course levels.

As part of participating in this program, you will achieve mastery in four key areas.

  • Creating Learning Design “Blueprints” using Learning Environment Modeling®
  • Communicating Design Plans
  • Facilitating Collaborative Design Processes
  • Supporting Continuous Innovation of Learning Experiences
Details and Pricing

This program is offered fully online with facilitated live sessions. The live sessions last 1 hour in length and are recorded if you are unable to attend at the specified time. In-between the live sessions you will practice using your new skills and receive guidance and support from your facilitator.

As part of your registration, you will receive:

  • Access to all Live Online Facilitated Sessions
  • Access to Session Recordings
  • Feedback and Support on Practice Exercises
  • Learning Environment Modeling™ for Learning Design eBook
  • Learning Environment Modeling™ Language Kit for Draw.io

Your Investment: $750 / person

Organization/Team Programs

Teams wanting a customized program for their organization can do so. This gives you a flexible option that can fit within the schedule and needs of your business and employees. For more details or to purchase, call us or email at lxstudio@uco.edu.

People working with design blueprints.
People working with design blueprints.
Program Agenda

Week 1 – Introduction & Learning Environments

  • In week 1, we will explore modern learning environments, investigate learner personas, and we are introduced to the remarkable and powerful Learning Environment Modeling Language™.

Week 2 – Creating Learning Strategies

  • Week 2’s focus will be on innovative learning strategies. We will discover and declare learning strategies for our own project and then document them using special learning strategy boards.

Week 3 – Aligning Learning Outcomes

  • In Week 3, we discuss the importance of aligning learning outcomes to the evidence of learning and how this helps improve learning design. We practice this concept by developing focus boards for our own project.

Week 4 – Creating Design Blueprints and Conclusion

  • In the final week, we define and discuss design blueprints and design patterns. We then apply these concepts in practice by developing Learning Environment Modeling™ design blueprints for our project(s).


Who Can Benefit

The Learning Experience Design program is perfect for instructional designers, educators, and learning and development professionals. Key benefits of participating are listed below.


Instructional Designers

  • Be more than just a “course builder”. Discover how to design learning environments and learning experiences that extend beyond the traditional in-person or online spaces.
  • Learn a visual language that will help you reduce communication barriers often present when working with SMEs and other members of the development team.


  • Tackle curriculum committee challenges with confidence by approaching problems with a new set of skills and techniques.
  • Gain new insights into how to increase learner engagement and motivation.

Learning and Development Professionals

  • Bring back strategies that will help your organization elevate its current professional development offerings.
  • Be an agent of change by learning techniques that can help move your organization from a culture of training to a culture of learning.
People working with design blueprints.
What change would effective learning experiences create in your organization?

You have the passion and talent. All you need are a plan and support. If you’re ready to create the impact you imagined, schedule a complimentary consultation today.


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